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Electronic Lock Instr.

The exterior and interior of the lock is shown here. On the exterior side ten numeric buttons are located at the top of the lock, as well as a single button labeled "Schlage".
Below the number pad is a turn knob which is used to extend and retract the deadbolt. The key slot is a manual method of unlocking the door and is used for emergencies only.
The interior side of the lock has a traditional turn knob to extend and retract the deadbolt from inside the condo.
To unlock the door, enter your four-digit code and turn the knob away from the door edge. This will retract the deadbolt. The keypad is lighted after you touch the first number.
To lock the door, push the "Schlage" button on the top of the keypad, and while the light is blinking, turn the knob toward the door edge. This will extend the deadbolt.
The lock is easy to operate and prohibits one from accidentally locking themselves out of the condo. When exisiting the condo be sure to enter your code and turn the deadbolt to lock. The door does not automatically lock when exiiting.
Marine Surf condos only -- The other key provided is an electronic fob which is used to access the lobby after hours, the parking garage, swimming pool, elevators and public restrooms throughout the building. To use this fob, simply touch the black or gray pads next to the doors or garage gate and the red light will turn green allowing access.         
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